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New Bathroom Remodel


Fun fact: The modern closed tank and bowl toilet didn't replace the old elevated tank design until around 1910!  At Armada Design & Build Inc. we're interested in these things, just as we're interested in examining every piece of a project to make sure the most appropriate materials are used.

Most people in the Seattle and Bellevue area remodel their bathrooms due to a desire for an updated style, a growing family, or there has been water damage. When remodeling a bathroom, you can make small changes that will result in a large impact. Let's talk about what you have in mind.

Imagine the feeling you get stepping out of a redesigned shower onto new tile flooring or seeing your beautiful updated vanity with a sparkling modern faucet, clean new sink and an attractive granite countertop. The smile on your face every day will proof you made the right decision to remodel your bathroom. Let us help bring you that feeling. One of our skilled design consultants would be happy to show you how you can make your bathroom a comfortable and relaxing space.


Our work speaks for itself.

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